Working In Groups

 Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at blogging so go easy;) Ok here we go…

Social Constructivism implies that children construct knowledge from one another and share ideas and theories. It allows students to share their experiences and bounce ideas of each other, learning that everyone is different and has different perspectives.

A teachers plays a significant role in social constructivism. Teachers can change from being ‘the source of knowledge’ to  influence and be a role model of class culture, interacting and connecting with their students in a way that addresses the learners needs, and creating discussions and activities in a way that collectively leads students towards the learning goals of the class. A quick search found me this article which demonstrates what I believe a teachers role plays in regards to working in groups.

The introduction of technology in the classroom has a huge impact on learners. It enables a group to participate in an interactive fun way. An example being the interactive smart board. Students listen and learn. and are actively involved in the task at hand, pressing the screen and sharing stories along the way. An example I found on the web which demonstrates how technology is widely used in the classroom.

Before this unit started I remember hearing about a wiki page but had no idea what it actually was. To my surprise it was a fun tool used to commi=unicate in an effective way to complete a group assignment. It allowed all the girls and myself to share ideas and thoughts on our work. We were able to all be on at the same time and the conversations never ended till we all logged off. This great tool also allowed us to get to know each other and share our life experiences. It was my first time using this tool and I don’t think it will be my last. When I do begin teaching, it will be something my students will probably already know about, but I will also be able to relate to it and implement it into group projects.

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